Reintegration of partially disabled employees

TechInno is a small business founded by Matthijs Janssen, Steven Langerwerf and me. Our company invented Oregami, a new methodology for reintegrating partially disabled employees.

Towards better reintegration

Oregami exists of new practices and innovative software that helps companies to discover fitting or adjustable jobs for employees with medical issues. The methodology provides insight into the task-specific requirements for each job in the organization. With this complete job portfolio, Oregami can be used to reintegrate employees, or to discover that none of the jobs are suitable. The software also assists companies to adequately report their efforts to the benefits agency.

My Job

As "Director of Design", I am responsible for the visual and interactive design of the Oregami software. This multi-user collaborative software package has to provide tailored functionality to company doctors, reintegration specialists and reintegration case managers. Using iterative design, I try to create a balance between a myriad of features and a usable interface.

More about TechInno can be found at (in Dutch).