Bart Knijnenburg

Researcher on privacy decision-making and recommender systems.

Our online lives are full of small but difficult decisions. Which app should I install? Should I post this on Facebook or not? Which YouTube video should I watch? What will this e-commerce website do with my personal information? In my research I try to understand the psychological principles behind these online decisions. Using Big Data and Machine Learning principles, I try to make these decisions a little easier with better user interfaces and “smart defaults”.

Personal details

Assistant Professor in Human-Centered Computing

Clemson University

Office: McAdams Hall 215


Phone: 864-656-7898

Twitter: @usabart

Google scholar page

Info for students

I am currently teaching HCC8810: Measurement & Evaluation of HCC Systems (syllabus).

If you want me to help on your project, be your advisor, or do an internship with me, please read this.

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