Quantitative Research Methods Seminar

Resources for the seminar.

Hi! It's me, Bart Knijnenburg. I have been teaching quantative research methods and advanced statistical evaluation in several tutorials and seminars, and in three full courses at Clemson university. I am collecting all the resources from these events below, for your perusal.

Feel free to share these resources with anyone. For the most recent version of these slides, visit this site (www.usabart.nl/QRMS). If you want to use these slides in your own lectures, use this link for attribution.

Here is my TEDx Talk on “Technopsychometrics”, which explains why this stuff is so important.

Handbook chapter:

An overview of this work can be found in our chapter on Evaluating Recommender Systems with User Experiments in the Recommender Systems handbook.

IEEEVR slides:

I taught a tutorial at IEEEVR 2016. The slides and data for this tutorial are below:

IUI slides:

I also taught a tutorial at IUI 2016. The slides and data for this tutorial are below:

Full Courses:

I have been teaching three semester-long courses at Clemson University on statistics and quantitative research methods. The syllabi (including slides, assignments, and datasets) of these courses are linked below: